551BK-LE Limited Edition Pardue Design Benchmade

The New limited edition Benchmade 551bk is now available!

Ever since the start of 2014, Benchmade has been shelling out some great new knives. Some First Productions, and a limited edition. Now, we have yet another Limited Edition!  This LE Benchmade is the Pardue Design with some blue color like the AXIS Flipper.



  • AXIS locking mechanism with black lock studs
  • X15-TN drop-point blade in black oxide coating
  • Black and blue G10 contoured and textured handle scales
  • Blue anodized barrel spacers
  • Reversible tip-up pocket clip with LE Logo
  • 325 piece limited edition
  • MSRP: $190

Proudly Made in the USA

The X15-TN blade used for this knife is truly superior.  As Benchmade points out, “This French steel was developed for the aircraft industry for jet ball bearings, as well as the medical industry for scalpels. It has the ability to resist rust in the worst of conditions while maintaining ample edge retention. The capability behind this steel is in the way it is manufactured, resulting in the finest steel for use in harsh environments such as salt water. The edge on an X15 TN blade is easier to maintain”.

If you desire to possess this awesome knife, check it out on our store here.