Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 Available Now

The Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 is available now at RegencyCigar.com.  This second Masters Edition release from Davidoff features 8 cigars; 4 Robustos (5 x 52) and 4 Toro Tubos (6 x 54), both with Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers.  Only 3,000 boxes of 8 were produced.

A unique offering from Davidoff, the 4 Toro Tubos are offered for a foursome on the course and the 4 Robustos are meant for the clubhouse after a round.  One of the robustos in the box features a gilded band, meant to be enjoyed by the winner of the foursome.


Davidoff stands for expertise and quality supported by deep heritage and craftsmanship to deliver unforgettable moments of pleasure. Limited editions are like a playground for their Master Blenders, who are free to use very rare, special, and aged tobacco to create unique and unrepeatable blends, an adventure for the senses of all aficionados. All these assets have been considered while creating the Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015. The roll of the green is a mystery to all. The roll of a fine cigar is no mystery to Davidoff. What better way to fill your time than with a few fairways and a fine Davidoff cigar. With the unmistakable flavor and aroma, every shot is worth taking a little more time over. Time is the ultimate luxury, fill it beautifully.

The Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 is available Now at RegencyCigar.com