Davidoff Master Selection Series 2010 Review

Eladio Diaz 57th Anniversary

The Davidoff Master Selection Series 2010, also called the Eladio Diaz 57th Anniversary is now available at Regency Cigar.  Just like the 2013, we have a 6 x 52 Toro with a limited production of only 2,300 boxes of 10.  Each of these releases have been phenomenal; a wonderful display of talent from Eladio Diaz and Davidoff.  Davidoff has chosen a beautiful Dominican wrapper for this cigar, as well as a Mexican San Andres binder, and an array of fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua going as far back as 2006.  

The Master Selection 2010 starts off with a bang!  Cedar, Cinnamon, and Chocolate are dominate in the initial puffs, settling off to Almonds, Sea Salt, and Graham Cracker.  Much like the 2013, the flavor profile is very complex. If I can put one word on this cigar, it would be Lively.  There is a lot going on with this one.  The nuttiness from the Almond notes really smooth out the spice.  Medium to full in body, be sure to enjoy after a meal. 

Into the second third, things kick up again.  Again, there is a dominant Cedar Spice, now with notes of Coffee, Leather, Oak, and Minerals.  Although this sounds like an Earth bomb, there still remains a lovely peanut butter-like smoothness that keeps this cigar balanced.  This stick really gives off a considerable volume of smoke.  The draw is near perfect, just a tad easy for what I enjoy.  The burn is spectacular, nice and even throughout.  You can tell Davidoff put a lot of time and effort into these cigars.  All signs of great quality.  Do not miss your chance to smoke one of these beautiful cigars.  

Approaching the end, the cigar is still swinging for the fences.  The Spice has increased to the point where I would begin to call this cigar Full bodied, my lips are absolutely tingling.  Additionally, notes of Anise, Pepper, and Almonds are all present in the finish.  Another A+ cigar from Davidoff.

Do not miss what may be the best cigar Davidoff has released, Order yours today!