E.P. Carrillo Lineup Change

EP Carillo Rebrand

It isn’t very often a Cigar Manufacturer rebrands his entire portfolio.  But that didn’t stop Ernesto Perez Carrillo from doing just that. By going through each and every line, he is slated for a very exciting showing at this year’s ICPCR.

First, The Core, Cardinal, E-Stunner, and Cabinet Series’ have been removed completely, leaving Inch remaining.  EPC will focus on five core Series: Family Series, Elite Series, Dimension Series, Classic Series, and Factory Series.

The Family Series offers La Historia and Encore.

In the Elite Series, we have the New Wave Reserva, Seleccion Oscuro, and Capa de Sol.

Dimension Series focuses on Larger ring gauge cigars.  This Series offers the Inch, Interlude, and Original Rebel.

The Classic Series is a reflection of cigars the company has released in the past.  Core Plus is a revamped version of the core line, while Cardinal Impact is the Cardinal Series re-invisioned.  Dusk is a re-worked New Wave Connecticut.  All three will feature an updated blend and new packaging.

Lastly, the Factory Series will feature two all new lines.  Tabaclera La Alianza and Grand Prize.

Check back soon as more information becomes available on these exciting new cigars.

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