Featured Product: Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

Pete Johnson has just announced that the Tatuaje Skinny Monsters will be released towards the end of April.  Similar to his previous offshoots of the Monster series, the Skinny Monsters will come in a 10 count box and feature an identical blend of each Monster series release in a petite lancero format.

Each box comes with:
1 Frank (6 x 38)
1 Drac (6 x 38)
1 Face (6 x 38)
1 Wolf (6 x 38)
1 Mummy (6 x 38)
1 Jason (6 x 38)
1 Jekyll (6 x 38)
1 Hyde (6 x 38)
1 Chuck (6 x 38)
1 Tiff (6 x 38)

While the cigar industry is seemingly graduating to larger ring gauge cigars, Pete Johnson has remained unwaveringly passionate about corona style formats, and for good reason.  Petite lanceros offer a higher wrapper to filler ratio which makes a world of difference in flavor.  Seemingly bland cigars can truly shine through with flavor in a thinner format.

In other Tatuaje news, The Krueger has been chosen as the 2016 Monster release.  It will be a box pressed torpedo and will debut in October.  Tatuaje fans can also look forward to the regular production of the famous Tatuaje Black Label series, which will be available in five sizes (Petite Robusto, Havana Cazadorez, Churchill, Petite Lancero, and Corona Gorda.

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