Tatuaje Regios Reserva & Noella Reservas Are Back!

After much anticipation the Tatuaje Regios Reserva and Noella Reserva are back and available for purchase at Regency Cigar Emporium!  Just like the previous releases, Pete Johnson has taken his Noella and Regios sizes and fitted them with broadleaf wrappers.  These cigars are incredibly rich and bold.  There were only 2000 boxes produced for this installment, so get yours while supplies last.

Available now at RegencyCigar.com.
Tatuaje Regios Reserva
Tatuaje Noella Reserva

In 2006 Tatuaje released a short run of their popular Noella format with a broadleaf wrapper, calling it the Noella Reserva.  In 2009, this concept was revisited with the addition of the Regios Reserva size.  These cigars are considered to be the brand’s most sort after, as they were limited to just 200 boxes per release.

Keep an eye out for my review next week!