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  1. Avo LE 05 30 Years Released at Regency Cigar

    Avo Uvezian’s legacy lives on with a slew of releases in commemoration of Avo’s 30th Anniversary in the cigar industry.  The company has curated and meticulously recreated some of the very classics that put them on the map, celebrating perhaps the greatest and most sought after blends in the company’s history.  

    Earlier this year, we have seen the reintroduction of the Avo Maduro, Avo Signature, and Avo 22 along with the release of the Avo 30th Anniversary Improvisation No. 3.  Without further adieu, we are pleased to offer the Avo LE05 Robusto Extra.

    This 5 ⅜ x 50 masterpiece had been initially released in 2005 while notoriously remaining absent from Avo’s impressive “Greatest Hits” collection from 2014.  And it’s back in a big way. Only 1,500 boxes have been created to retain the integrit

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  2. The Davidoff 50 Year Limited Edition Diadema Fina

    Davidoff has released a very special cigar to help celebrate their 50th anniversary. The cigar rolled in a beautiful Diadema format by Davidoff's worldclass rollers brings together tobaccos aged for over ten years from some of the best of 2005 crop offerings. Not only do these cigars smoke exceptionally well, they will be released in four different unique jars of ten that act as both a work of art and a humidor.

    These jars, designed by French artist Mariane Leger honor the quest which drove founder Zino Davidoff to seek innovation, discovery, variety and taste bringing all four worlds together. With only a total of 8,000 total jars made, these cigars are not only taste second to none but are extremly special and rare. The Diadema Fina brings notes of sweetness, cream and a mild black pepper that only Davidoff can do so well.

    Regency Cigar will be offering a complete set of the jars, as well as each individual jar sold seperetly for those customers who are interested.

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