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  1. Overview: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Line

    Overview: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Line

    The Hemingway line of cigars has become a staple of the Arturo Fuente portfolio since its inception in 1983.The Hemingway line combines a unique tobacco and a unique size to compose a truly exceptional cigar. The cigar features Domincan binder and filler leaf covered by an exceptional Cameroon wrapper. The Cameroon wrapper gives the cigar its rich flavor and exceptional balance between sweet and spice. The shape of the cigar is also unique to the Hemingway line. The line features a series of perfecto or figurado shaped cigars, formed using molds dating back to the 1920s. A perfecto/figurado is a cigar that is tapered at both ends. Many credit arturo Fuente, with the release of the Hemingway line as being a major reason why the perfecto has regained some popularity. A personal favorite of mine; the Hemingway offers woodsy notes balanced with a rich creaminess. The cigar also offers subtle notes of spice balanced by an almost citrusy sweetness. Personally this is one of my favorite cigars

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  2. A New Twist on An Old Favorite; the Tatuaje ME II

    A New Twist on An Old Favorite; the Tatuaje ME II

    Introducing, the newest release from Pete Johnson of Tatuaje; the ME II. Unlike the original Mexican Experiment released by Tatuaje in 2011, the new ME II will be a regular production cigar for the brand. The Tatuaje MEII is a slight twist on the original 2011 ME release. The cigar features a Mexican San Andres wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco. The cigar will be offered in four sizes (Toro 5 ¾ x 50, Robusto 5 x 54, Churchill 6 ½ x 49, and Belicoso 5 x 52). The cigars unlike the original ME release; that was packaged in a bundle format will be offered in 15 count boxes.

    Smoking Experience:

    The cigar begins by featuring rich notes of dark chocolate, earth, oak, and a subtle spice. As the cigar continues to burn the flavors ramp up in intensity; while maintaining a very consistent profile. The flavors are especially prevalent on the retohale of this particular cigar. Overall the cigar performed extremely well; providing rich flavors, in a medium bodied f

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  3. The Davidoff Escurio

    The Davidoff Escurio

    In the year 2015 Davidoff released its second installment into what is known as the “black- label series” of cigars.The cigar in question was called the Escurio. The “black- label series” was groundbreaking for Davidoff; in the way that it used exotic tobaccos sourced outside of the Dominican. The success of this series has shaped the Davidoff portfolio into what it is today. Prior to the black-label series of cigars Davidoff had been known as a brand that focused on lighter blends, with a focus on dominican tobaccos. The success of blends like the Escurio, changed that perception forever. The Escurio blend is one of my personal favorites, and is somewhat of an underrated blend in the Davidoff portfolio.

    When we think of traditional tobacco producing countries, we typically think of two countries; the Dominican and Nicaragua. The Escurio shines a spotlight on a lesser known tobacco producer; Brazil. The cigar features a Brazilian binder, as well as composing the majority of the

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