A Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking: Why We Smoke Cigars

We all smoke cigars for a variety of different reasons, but in my personal opinion it boils down to three main ones for the majority. The first is the relaxation that comes with smoking a premium cigar. Many of us live hectic lives, trying to balance a busy work schedule, running a household and maintaining a family life. Sitting down to enjoy a cigar; whether we are at home or at a local shop allows us an hour or two of escape. For this period of time the cigar forces us to sit down, decompress and shift focus away from everything except enjoying the cigar in our hand. The second reason we choose to smoke cigars if for the camaraderie that comes along with it . Although, smoking alone can be extremely enjoyable, the true magic of a cigar is the way they can bring people together.Cigars allow people of all walks of life to enjoy an hour or two of luxury and brings those individuals together. The shared love of cigar smoking unites individuals from all professions, income levels and beliefs.This is why the conversation in a cigar shop is so varied and unique; with every topic imaginable being discussed. The amount of knowledge that can be gained by sitting in a cigar shop from a few hours, is unparalleled. A unique bond and family atmosphere is often present in the local cigar shop as a result of a fine cigar. The third reason many people smoke cigars id to celebrate a momentous occasion. Whether its a birth of a child, a newly wedded couple, or to celebrate an accomplishment; we often find ourselves reaching into our humidor for something special. Many of us even keep a few special cigars on reserve just for these types of occasions. Cigars brands like Davidoff, Padron and Ashton Offer a variety of blends that are perfect to set aside for these types of occasions. Many people often associate cigar smoking with habit and in reality that is far from the truth. We smoke cigars for the relaxation and enjoyment they bring; in addition to the camaraderie they cultivate.