Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City; A Cigar Born in Hollywood

 The Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City; a phenomenal cigar, with a unique origin story. The cigars origin is intertwined with the bright lights of Hollywood. In early 2004 production of the movie The Lost City began; featuring the actor/ director Andy Garcia. The film focuses on a family attempting to navigate the pitfalls of life during the Castro revolution on the island of Cuba. The film was set to be shot in the Dominican Republic. During an early location scout, Garcia was introduced to Carlito Fuente. The two hit it off, and the Fuente family and the Chateau de la Fuente became an integral part of the production of the film.

The movies most pivotal, and emotional scene was set to be filmed within a tobacco field; the main issue with this was that production was set for the growing offseason. The Fuente family in response to the predicament offered to plant a few acres of tobacco right after harvest, so Garcia would have a field of 3-foot-high plants to shoot in. After the production wrapped Garcia approached the Fuentes, asking what would come of the tobacco they planted for the production of the film. Garcia suggested using it to make a cigar with the logo from The Lost City, with the project benefiting Fuentes charitable foundation. Luckily for cigars smokers all over the world the Fuente family obliged. The tobacco turned out to be exquisite, and unique; worthy of joining the Opus X family as the “The Lost City”.

The tobacco grown in this region is normally cultivated in late winter or early spring, so the summer-grown tobacco in the Opus X the Lost City cigars gives them a unique taste available in no other cigar. The tobacco was, and still is aged for five years.The Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City Cigars are made in ultra small batches, only 500 boxes are made per year. Made with only Dominican tobaccos, this Puro features dark brown chocolate like wrapper and a blend of Dominican long fillers. Medium to fuller bodied in strength, the cigar features complex notes of cedar, spice, earth and pepper married beautifully with a slight essence of cream and caramel to create a smoke worthy of the legendary Opus X name. This cigar is one of the rarest in the world, and is a must try for any aficionado.