Davidoff Robusto Intenso Returns after 15 Years
The Limited Edition Davidoff Robusto Intenso will be available mid September 2020 in limited quantities! Davidoff announces the coming release of the limited edition “Robusto Intenso” a complex six tobacco blend aged for up to seven years. Originally released in 2005 to great accolades, the return will be highly anticipated. This year, only 4500 boxes have been made and if history has taught us anything, that will not be enough to satisfy the demand. About the Cigar, The box is adorned with six stars to represent the complex blend of six vintage tobaccos aged for seven years before being used in this extraordinary cigar. The first star is the Havana-seed filler tobacco, grown in the rich red soil of the land north of San Domingo, which signifies spice and intensity. The second star is the Piloto filler tobacco from an exclusive part of the Valle del Yaque, which lends depth to the aroma. The third star is the San Vincente Mejorado filler tobacco from Santiago Rodriguez, which brings complexity. The fourth star is the Hybrid 254 filler tobacco from Jicomé, which stimulates the sweet and sour taste buds. The fifth star is the San Vicente binder, which adds a different dimension of sweetness. And the final star is the special Ecuadorian wrapper, fashioned from small quantities exclusively grown for Davidoff, encircling the whole with a singular spiciness. The result is a medium to full bodied, beautifully balance masterpiece with intense flavors of nuts, dark chocolate and pepper. The 2020 Limited Edition Davidoff Robusto intenso is made of six vintage tobaccos aged upto seven years, then rolled into a robusto format which is 5 and 1/8 of an inch long with a 52 ring gauge and will be released in boxes of ten cigars in mid September 2020. Remember, only 4500 boxes are being released in the United Sate, surely making. This one of the most sought after cigars released in years.