Camacho Coyolar

This is Camacho fully unleashed. Born from the volcanic soils of a small 15 acre farm beneaththe mountains that join Nicaragua, and Honduras. The Camacho Coyolar is a spicy and flavorful smoke built from " single farm vintage" Criollo tobaccos. The lands distinctive and mineral rich soil provides our tobacco its unique color, texture, and intense flavor.Not for the faint of heart, this is one of  Camacho's most heralded blends. A powerhouse cigar with blasts of leather, pepper, and oak.

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Product NameSizeBox QTYMSRP Qty
Camacho Coyolar Figurado6 1/8 x 5425
Camacho Coyolar Perfecto #14 1/4 x 5025
Camacho Coyolar Rothschild4 1/2 x 5025
Camacho Coyolar Super Toro6 x 5225
Camacho Coyolar Titan6 x 6025
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