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Acid Kuba Kuba
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Viaje Tenth Anniversary - White Jar
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Viaje Stuffed Turkey White Meat
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Your one stop shop for your humidification needs. Boveda Humidity Packs are a revolutionary product that will maintain humidity in your humidor within +/- 2.5% Rh. Humidity is a personal preference for your cigars within a certain range, some people enjoy cigars a little dryer, some enjoy them with a bit more moisture. Boveda Humidity Packs come in 3 different humidity levels, 65%, 69% and 72%. It is up to you which one you prefer. Remember, Boveda Humidity Packs are bi-directional, they will actually remove moisture from a humidor that is too moist and then maintain the relative humidity that you choose.
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MSRP: $47.88
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Boveda Humidor Packs 12ct Case