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El Rico Habano

El Rico Habano
In 1970, Cigar Master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Sr. created El Rico Habano, the first line of cigars rolled at his factory in Miami's Little Havana section. The reaction to this full-flavored smoke was terrific, and El Rico Habano became a sought-after selection among seasoned smokers. Although a tobacco shortage in 1994 forced El Rico Habano to cease production, it was re-introduced by Ernesto Jr. in 2001 upon the return of Nicaragua's superb tobacco crop. Each El Rico Habano starts with carefully selected long filler tobacco from Nicaragua. It is given a rich Nicaraguan binder, wrapped in either a specially aged natural sun-grown leaf from Ecuador or a dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro, and then aged again in a Spanish cedar room to maximize its deep, rich flavor.Ernesto’s personal taste embodies his penchant for what you may expect from this exquisite cigar - a bold, rich, one-of-a-kind flavor from start to finish and the cigar that is closest to his heart.

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