The Platinum Collection

Sampler of Three Cigars
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The Platinum Collection Sampler, highlights some of the best cigars in the Zino protfolio.

The Sampler Includes:

Zino Platinum Z-Crown Chubby

1- Zino Platinum Z-Crown Stout: Platinum Z Crown utilizes the best tobacco Zino Davidoff has to offer. These rare tobaccos have been set aside for 8 years to mature, with an additional 4 years after they had been rolled to rest. The result is a decadent smoke with plenty of character and complexity. Only 1,000 boxes of this very special cigar have been produced

1-Zino Platinum Scepter The Scepter Series offers great taste, complex yet harmoniuos experience and exquisite aromas with range of strengths suitable for both the novice and experience aficionado. A blend of different filler from Dominican Republic and Peru, combined with a Connecticut binder and finished with a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. Light to medium in body but full of complex flavors.

1- Zino Platinum Barrel: (6X60) Zino Platinum represents a fusion of time-honored cigar tradition and the pop culture of today and tomorrow. Zino Platinum cigars' various shapes, tastes, blends and aromas are all respectfully drawn from the best of classic cigar customs. Zino Platinum cigar smokers are youthful, ambitious, strong, proud, successful, fashionable and bold. They move to their own beats and rhythms. The superior taste and refined elegance of Zino Platinum Crown Series exclusive cigars speak to discriminating smokers who are Self-confident and successful in their professional and social lives, they are trendsetters and forward-thinkers who embrace risk, search for adventure and demand to taste the best.

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