Davidoff Vault 100 year Diademas Box 10 (Out of Stock)

Size: 9.25 X 55 Bundle: 10
MSRP: $750.00
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Size: 9.25 X 55  Bundle: 10

This elegant Diademas cigar displays the art of craftsmanship at its finest. A magnificent format standing at 9 ¼ inches in length, with a 55 ring gauge. A cigar that is crafted by only the most skilled veteran rollers at Davidoff. This Diademas is one of three formats created to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of founder, Zino Davidoff, alongside the Diademas Finas which last year returned to celebrate 50 years of Davidoff cigars, and the Robusto 100.

All three formats were originally released in 2006. Davidoff Diademas is a beautifully balanced blend that features a variety of flavor characteristics. It celebrates wonderful floral notes, lemon, cream, light nuttiness and hints of semi-sweet chocolate. This is a medium to full flavored cigar, with a strength that is mild to medium. The Extraordinary Davidoff Diademas fills time beautifully at any celebratory moment, an experience guaranteed to be exceptional.


1/3 – Notes of creamy coffee, with hints of citrus and cedar. The stimulation is very well-balanced and of light to medium strength. The aroma is nicely rounded, exhibiting rich and spicy notes of nut and wood.

2/3 – Notes of wood, walnut and hints of semi-sweet chocolate. The stimulation continues to be very well-balanced, thrilling the sweet, salt and acidic region of the palate. The aroma is incredible, with notes of wood, leather and creamy coffee.

3/3 – Notes of semi-sweet chocolate with flavors of salted caramel, wood and leather. The stimulation is very well rounded, hitting all areas evenly. The aroma is very smooth, mainly of coffee, wood, cream and chocolate.

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