The 2019 Tatuaje Monsters; Featuring the Chuck and Tiff

In 2008 Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars released his first cigar in his 13 cigar monster series with the Frank. Now in 2019 we see that series coming to a close with the release of the 12th and 13th cigar. Each year since 2008 Tatuaje Cigars has released a different Halloween inspired cigar based on a fictional monster. In the past, the series has featured monsters such as Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and Dracula. This year's monsters are based on the horror franchise Childs Play, and features the Chuck and Tiff. For each Monster in the series a dress box is created for the cigars, wooden boxes of 13 that are designed to look like coffins and then decorated to mimic the monster they are named after.These dress boxes are extremely rare and are highly desired by Tatuaje fans and collectors.

Each year a select list a 13 retailers are selected to receive the majority of these dress boxes; this list has become known as the “Unlucky 13” . This year Johnson decided that rather than doing an “Unlucky 13”, he would do an “Unlucky 26”. This will allow previously “unlucky 13” retailers to take part in the final installment in the series. There is a lot of symbolism in the numbers with these cigars.. They are priced at $13, the Unlucky 13 each receive 31 boxes of 13 cigars, there are a total of 666 boxes sold. As previously mentioned 2019 features Chuck and Tiff the two of these cigars had been previously released from the spin-off Little Monster Series.This years two cigars are based off the original Chuck and Tiff, but they are larger: 5 7/8 x 52 as opposed the 4 x 50 we saw in the little monster series. They will be available soon in both 13 count dress boxes and 10 count undressed boxes.