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  1. Davidoff Year of The OX 2021 Review

    Davidoff Year of The OX 2021 Review

    Year of The OX Review

    The moment you've all been waiting; the review of the new Davidoff Year of The Ox. After letting it rest for a week in our humidor I decided it was time to give it a try. This year's release comes in the form of a 6X60 toro gordo format. This size is a unique one for Davidoff, off the top of my head I can only recall a handful of releases in this format. The cigar features a Domican binder draped over a Ecuadorian Sumatran binder. The filler is what makes this cigar stand out, featuring Nicaragua (Condega and Esteli), Dominican Republic (Piloto, Mejorado, Yamasa and San Vicente). The look of the cigar is unrivaled, as to be expected for Davidoff's yearly zodiac release.

    The cigars arrive in a stunning 10ct box. The box as in years past features a deep red lacquer that catches the eye as it sits on the shelf of the humidor. The box is shaped in such a way to represent the horns of an ox. Its small touches like this that always impress me about Davidoff

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  2. The Ox Has Arrived

    The Ox Has Arrived

    The Davidoff Year of the Ox has finally arrived on our humidor shelves. Each year since 2012 we eagerly await the arrival of Davidoffs zodiac release; this year was no exception. The cigars arrived in a beautiful limited edition presentation box of ten cigars featuring signature red lacquer, gold accents,and a simple yet sophisticated icon representing the horns of an ox. The cigar itself comes in a Gordo format and features a beautiful shiny and oily Dominican wrapper. I look forward to getting the chance down to sit down and smoke one for a more in depth review; stay tuned.

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  3. October Brings Another Anticipated Tatuaje Release In the Form of the Karloff

    October Brings Another Anticipated Tatuaje Release In the Form of the Karloff

    October is known primarily for one thing in the cigar world; a highly anticipated release from Tatuaje and Pete Johnson. True to form Pete Johnson has another October release slated for 2020. This years release called the Karloff is expected to ship sometime in early to mid October. The cigar is in fact an extension of his monster series of the cigars, that began way back in 2008. The Karloff is directly inspired by the previous releases of the Boris and Little Boris. The Karloff is a tweaked version of those blends. Johnson is producing 4,000 dress boxes of 13 cigars. Beyond that not much is known about the cigar. We look forward to doing a more detailed review when they arrive; so stay tuned.

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  4. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Overview and Review

    Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Overview and Review

    The cigar was originally crafted to pay homage to the brands creator and family patriarch Carlos Fuente Sr. The cigar utilizes a variety of rare and aged tobaccos, but what makes this cigar truly stand out is its wrapper. The Don Cralos features a delicate and rich African Cameroon wrapper.This wrapper is truly unique due to the fact that it tends to be quite expensive, rough in appearance and temperamental during the fermentation process. Luckily for us Funte has found a way to utilize this wrapper to perfection. Wrapper: African Cameroon Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominica Tasting Notes: The cigar hits the ground running right from the initial light, featuring notes of cedar, roasted coffee and a touch of leather. As the cigar progresses the flavors ramp up approaching a solid medium body. The cigar also introduces flavors of raisin, earth and a touch of chocolate. The flavors stay very consistent through the final third, which is a great thing in this case. The cigar lacks

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  5. Introducing The New AVO Improvisation 2020

    Introducing The New AVO Improvisation 2020

    The AVO Improvisation series is arguably the most anticipated yearly release from the brand. The Improvisation line was created as a yearly limited edition release to celebrate the birthday of the brands namesake Avo Uvezian. The series takes previous Avo blends and adds a twist. This pays homage to the way a musician might riff on a jazz standard. 2020 marks the eighth installment in the improvisation series. Like in years past the improvisation series will be limited to only 2,500 boxes

    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

    Binder: Dominican Republic

    Filler: Dominican Republic

    Length: 6.5

    Ring Gauge: 50

    Tasting Notes:

    The cigar begins with delicate toasty and creamy notes. Stimulating notes cacao and coffee begins to present itself. The cigar begins on the milder side but builds up to medium by the final third. The final third of the cigars introduces additional notes of earth and spice.

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  6. FDA and Premium Cigars: An Overview

    FDA and Premium Cigars: An Overview

    I think it's important to begin by addressing, who is responsible for regulating the premium cigar industry?I think many might be surprised to find out it's the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. On Aug. 8, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's deeming regulations went into effect. This essentially marked the first day that FDA was formally regulating cigars. These deeming regulations have, and will continue to have a major impact on the premium cigar industry for years to come. The FDA regulations on the industry are complex and far reaching; in this article we aim to touch on some of the fundamental implications. The three main issues in the FDA’s regulatory efforts stem from warning labels, product approval, and user fees.

    Lets first discuss the issue of product approvals. Prior to the FDA taking the reins on the regulation of premium cigars, the new product was able to flow freely into the market. This was a major benefit to the retailer, manufacturer and most importantly t

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  7. Never Before Released Cigars From The Davidoff Vault

    Never Before Released Cigars From The Davidoff Vault

    Regency Cigar is excited to offer two rare and unreleased offerings from the Davidoff Vault. For those unfamiliar the Davidoff Vault was a program that launched; with the goal of releasing rare unreleased blends and favorites from the past. Two of the rarest offerings from this endeavor are two unreleased robusto sizes of previous vault releases. The “Gusto”  and “Paragon” cigars; previously released in a toro format are now available at Regency Cigar in an unreleased robusto size. We are fortunate to be able to offer you both cigars, but quantities are extremely limited. 

    Davidoff Gusto Private Selection Robusto: 

    Size 5x50      Bundle of 10

    The word “Gusto”, in both the English and Spanish language translates to enjoyment and intensity. Davidoff Gusto, was conceptualized around this idea,

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